ReHope is a faith-based 501(c)3 providing housing, treatment, and lifelong sustainment services for women and children victims of human trafficking.

REHOPE, formerly known as Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, began its mission in 2015 as a response to the increasing epidemic of sex trafficking in the U.S.

The roots of prostitution and trafficking are often found in severe abuse, loss, and/or neglect. It is these traumatic experiences that make people vulnerable to being trafficked. As we receive these women and children coming out of these horrible situations, we view them as survivors, and we offer unconditional love and support without judgment.

Due to the deep-rooted trauma, REHOPE believes the healing and restoration process is a long-term endeavor. Therefore, we provide survivors with individual attention and focused programming that promotes sustainable healing and ongoing support. Only then can these survivors move confidently toward healthy, self-sustained, independent living.

In May 2015, we opened Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, the first 7-acre safe house for adult women survivors. In 2019, we expanded to 17 acres making us the largest residential program in the Midwest. In 2022 we rebranded the organization to REHOPE, which led us to rename our community REHOPE Farms. We provide trauma-informed counseling, life coaching, holistic wellness programs, job training, education, reintegration programs, therapeutic small animal programs, gardening, and spiritual development.

REHOPE Farms also partner with providers for medical and psychological needs. All services are provided free of charge. This includes alcohol and drug treatment programs, mental health services, spiritual and physical care, as well as prescriptions, dental care, and vision care…all in one place. After a survivor graduates from our long-term residential programs and services, they become part of our graduate network. This network provides them life-long access to counseling, education opportunities, spiritual encouragement, and assistance.

Additionally, we saw that survivors were making great strides in their recovery but still had trouble getting a job due to arrest records or gaps in their resumes because they were living on the streets or in captivity. We don’t want anything to hold them back, so we provide the support they need to complete their education, acquire marketable job skills, and have a path towards financial freedom. As a solution, we created REHOPE Market & Cafe, a social enterprise that provides jobs, professional skills training, therapeutic and creative outlets, and a reintegrated platform into the community. RH Market & Cafe is a coffee house that also sells survivor-made products.

Realizing that 50% of those sex trafficked in the US are minors, mostly the ages of 12-15, and only 600 beds available nationwide, we partnered with Missouri Baptist Children’s Home (MBCH) in November 2019 and opened REHOPE Youth. As the only organization that accepts boys in the Midwest, this campus provides trauma treatment, education, family reintegration, and advanced, trauma-informed foster/adoptive services. RH Youth serves up to 7 minors (11-17 years of age) at a time.

As a leading advocate for education, REHOPE University, the Center of Excellence in Counter Human Trafficking, brings together a centralized network of professionals from legal, medical, psychological, prevention, social services, business, law enforcement, judicial, and legislative arenas. RH University also provides training for other facilities to be successful as well as leadership development for survivors.

REHOPE is on a mission to double our adult bed capacity from 18 to 35 in 2023, and double our capacity for girls and boys from 7 to 14 in 2023.


An online video series hosted by Founder & Executive Director, Meredith Foster to share "Real News" of the multi-billion-dollar crime industry of human sex trafficking in the United States of America. Meredith brings the viewers to a "street level" perspective of the dark underbelly of human sex trafficking. See interviews and stories with those who see it, fight it, feel it and help END it. Be in the know about what's really going on in our communities and in our country.

Traffick Stop provides a platform for connection between various public servants, ministries and organizations across the country who are raising awareness, advocating for victims or stepping into the legislative arena to network services to best serve survivors of human sex trafficking.


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