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We aim to expose the dark realities of human sex trafficking in the United States of America by enlightening the multitudes to the truths of this crime, exposing who the buyers, sellers and victims are and supporting various ministries nationwide that serve survivors while assisting women in recovery by providing safe housing placement, substance abuse and trauma counseling, self-improvement and a guided growth track.

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Our Program

Tigerlili Resources is the offers the programs Traffick Stop. REAL NEWS: Sex Trafficking & The House of Rahab.  

Traffick Stop. REAL NEWS: Sex Trafficking is an online video series hosted by Founder & Executive Director, Meredith Foster to share REAL NEWS about the multi-billion dollar crime industry of human sex trafficking in the United States of America. 

Over multiple seasons, Meredith brings viewers to a "street level view" of the dark underbelly of human sex trafficking. See interviews and stories with those who see the evil, reach the victims, feel the horrors of this life and help victims become survivors. Know what's really happening in your communities and in our country.  

The House of Rahab is an emergency placement safe home for adult females who have been sexually exploited or trafficked. The home offers a peaceful, Christ-centered environment to help ladies transition from “the life” on the street or trafficked situations and prepare them for placement in more intensive trauma-informed, long-term, healing programs focusing on drug rehabilitation &/or program-specific needs for survivors of human sex trafficking.   

The House of Rahab fills the gap between “their exit” to long-term placement & completion of trauma treatment programs, with assistance with door-to-door admissions. We welcome ladies, ages 18 and up, who are ready to make healthy changes in their lives. 

Our Flower

The tigerlily (flower) represents the essence of feminine courage. It is one of the most aggressive lilies around. When one is cut down, another one will immediately grow in its place, multiplying.

Its bold (orange) color represents self worth and self wealth. Its brown speckles allude to creativity.

No... it's not a typo. We spell it Tigerlili (L- I - L- I) because when it comes to life, we LIVE IT and LOVE IT!

Live life like you mean it
Live like there is no tomorrow
Love every second God has given you
We are only passing through...make it count!
Pastor Dale Locke, Community of Hope - Loxahatchee Groves, FL

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Meet the Board

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Founder & President

"I don't ever want another woman to feel the fear and worthlessness that I felt. It's my turn to help..."  


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Vice President & Treasurer

"I would stop and consider those being held... I often felt helpless. Then I met Meredith..." 


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"Together, with HIM at our side, we can bring women to a place of safety, comfort, and peace..."