The success of Tigerlili Resources can be attributed to the relationships we have with our Network Partners. We are very grateful and appreciative of their support of our mission.

Network Services

Bakhita Spiritual Companions

Mentorship connections offer restorative & supportive relationships, filling relational gaps for survivors by being present on a consistent basis, investing time and energy while modeling healthy boundaries.

Freedom Fitness RN

A high-energy, vibrant dance workout program that provides an environment for survivors to heal, reconnect with their bodies and personalities and find freedom through positive movement in a judgment-free zone full of unity, love, and acceptance.

Breathe Love Yoga

A Christ-honoring yoga experience that offers survivors the opportunity to authentically and peacefully reconnect with their bodies in the present time and space, offering an atmosphere to deeply connect with God.

Network Support


The IFF strengthens nonprofits and the communities they serve by providing leadership, capital, and real estate solutions. With their support, we were able to get funding to purchase The House of Rahab, a temporary residential facility for women in transition to healing and hope.