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Their line to REDEMPTION...

We SEE them...We LOVE them...We are HERE for them

Program Vision:
To see each woman and child choose and embrace their personal healing process, discover who they are in Jesus Christ, set new life goals, create and live out their new life story…happy, whole and healed.

What gap in direct services do we fill?

There are limited resources that specifically deal with the layers of trauma that come along with the treacherous life of being sexually exploited and trafficked.
• Physical abuse, harm, excessive violence
• Mental manipulation and oppression
• Starvation
• Drug addiction
• Rape
• Lack of sleep
• Threats of hurt to family members
• Threats of arrest if police know, etc.

We step in as additional “First Responders” by meeting women or children right where they are (police stations, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants/nightclubs) and offer them immediate escape and safety. The Scarlet Line outreach is the “exit plan” for victims.

Our team personally connects with them and offers the opportunity to retreat to a safe and peaceful space, rest, rejuvenate, learn their value and worth in Jesus Christ and help them discover and continue on to the life they were created for.

Target Population: Women and children who are sexually exploited and trafficked on the streets or in hotels (commonly viewed as "prostitution"), massage spas (aka "brothels"), sold online, etc. Referrals from local police departments, hospitals and other non-profit organizations.

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The House of Rahab is an emergency placement, short-term, safe home for adult females who have been sexually exploited or trafficked. The home offers a peaceful, Christ-centered environment to help ladies transition from “the life/ the game” on the street or other trafficked situations and prepare them for placement in more intensive, structured trauma-informed, long-term, treatment programs focusing on specific needs for survivors of human sex trafficking.

This safe “waiting” space creates outcomes of greater success and independence for survivors. Participants of The House of Rahab come together in a family-style setting at the most crucial time of their healing journey; the beginning.

Their stay can range from 1 overnight to 30 days, depending on the application process and acceptance/approval time of their next program. During their stay, they experience unconditional love, rest, home-cooked meals, comfortable beds, hot showers, basic living necessities and various activities such as Bible studies, small groups, basic individual counseling, arts, music, fitness and more.

This program is 100% FREE to the participants and funded by gracious donors, various fundraising events throughout the year, and grant awards.

8. Men of Valor Logo


Human trafficking consists of 3 major elements:
· Buyer
· Seller
· Victim

Typically 2 of the 3 parts (buyer and seller) are men. These men are broken and hurting on the inside, there is something missing. Happy, whole people do not think it is a good idea to exploit, abuse and sell another human being as a commodity; let alone act out on it. It is important to reach the heart of men to see a change in the action.

Men of Valor is an outreach and connection program for men who have lived through “a thing or two”, and for young men in training who could stand to learn “a thing or two”. Men of Valor helps men discover their true identities in Christ and gain the tools needed to be the best, most resilient version of themselves to be the “Man of Valor” God is calling them to be.

This group is for men of all ages and all demographics. Strength in numbers. Power in purpose.

9. Heaven's Home Logo


A national network of short-term, emergency placement host homes for minor survivors of sex trafficking. Heaven’s Home families are strictly vetted, verified and federally background checked, thoroughly trained in adolescent trauma needs, and are certified foster families.

We bring “best in service” to these precious little ones until they can be safely returned home or enter into the proper service for whole-healing. Collaborations are key with numerous community and national services that have years of experience and knowledge in adolescent trauma training, adolescent trauma counseling, forensic interviews and more.

10. Cast the Net Logo


A national expansion and consulting program for new or existing ministries and missions. We help equip you to open your own safe home or supporting service to serve adult or child survivors and end human trafficking.

There are simply not enough residential programs in AMERICA that are designed specifically for the layered needs of trafficked victims. Access to short-term emergency placement homes is even harder to find.

That’s where our leadership and expertise come in to help you fill that need. We aim to exponentially grow this sector of direct services for survivors by engaging, equipping and empowering like-hearted, mission-minded leaders in your perspective communities.


Traffick Stop is an online video series hosted by Founder and Executive Director, Meredith Foster sharing "Real News" of the multi-billion dollar crime industry of human sex trafficking in the United States of America.

Over multiple seasons Meredith brings the viewers to a "street level" perspective of the dark underbelly of human sex trafficking.

See interviews and stories with those who see it, touch it, feel it and help END it. Be in the know of what's really going on in our communities and in our country.   

Traffick Stop provides a platform for connection between various public servants, ministries and organizations across the country who are raising awareness, advocating for victims or taking on the legislative arena to network services to best serve survivors of human sex trafficking.

See our Media page for Traffick Stop episodes