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Other monthly expenses where your recurring support would be appreciated:

Empowerment Center (rent) $200.00
House of Rahab (mortgage) $337.54
Organization Insurance $396.37
Trash $20.00
Internet $75.00
Phones $258.34
Electric (house) $100.00 *estimated
Water/sewer (house) $100.00 *estimated

The house also doesn’t have central air (window units only). We are getting quotes for adding AC to remove the window units. We will be getting a security system and with window units we cannot properly secure the house. The quotes so far range from $8,900-$23,000.



When you pledge to give monthly it helps with expenses that are of urgent need immediately.

In order for the women to be admitted into recovery programs or hospitals for evaluation, they must first have documentation of their identity.

Having the finances to help them take this first step is critical to their rescue and recovery.

Please consider pledging a recurrent gift to help these women regain their identity and their dignity.

Typical Out-of-Pocket Expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • $15-Identification
  • $15- Copy of Birth Certificate
  • $40- Medical Assessment/Bloodwork
  • $20-$80- Prescriptions
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