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"Human trafficking includes, but is not limited to, sex trafficking, forced labor, and debt bondage. Trafficking is not only ignored as a prevalent issue in society, but is widely ambiguous and little is known of the extent of this issue.

St. Louis and Kansas City are major trafficking hubs in the United States and they are connected by Interstate 70. This, by default, makes the entire state of Missouri susceptible to this slavery. Most highways are also involved in trading thousands of children, men, and women each year." Statistics source/National Human Trafficking Hotline

Trafficking or "prostitution" is a very profitable business or it wouldn't exist. It generates about $32 BILLION dollars every year. Human traffickers profit by controlling and exploiting their victims. This is not a situation where girls can "just leave" as many assume.

This is a form of modern-day slavery. The industry involves sexual exploitation of women for use of pornography, mail-order brides, stripping, live sex shows, massage spas/brothels, Internet video sex, sex tourism, and the list goes on.


These women experience:

  • Physical abuse and violence
  • Mental manipulation and oppression
  • Starvation
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Repeated rape and sexual abuse
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Arrests and incarceration
  • Threats of harm to their family members

This issue is not just something you see on TV. It is happening in real life...right now, to a woman who is trapped in a lifestyle that she DID NOT choose.


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